China’s tourism industry is growing again – Al Jazeera

Shanghai is a hotbed of Chinese tourism and its new arrivals are finding a new life in new places.

Business is booming.

But as the country tries to catch up with the US and Europe in terms of attracting visitors, it’s not quite as much of a boom as it used to be.

China’s government wants to attract more visitors by expanding the country’s infrastructure and its business opportunities, and it’s now focusing on attracting tourists through new areas and new businesses.

But the economic slowdown, the closure of some tourist sites and other challenges have led to a gradual decline in the number of Chinese visitors, said Zhu Xian, an expert on Chinese tourism.

“China’s tourism is not very good,” he told Al Jazeera.

“And in the last decade, the number has been declining for the same reason that its population has been shrinking.”

In the past five years, the average number of foreign tourists in China dropped from 10.3 million to 7.9 million.

Zhu believes that China’s economy will only recover after a few years.

But that doesn’t mean that the Chinese government is ignoring the tourism industry.

In fact, it is planning to invest billions in new facilities and make the economy more competitive in the long run.

The tourism sector has been the subject of fierce criticism in China over the past few years, and many believe that the government is being overly cautious in investing in it.

However, there is some hope that the country can get back to where it used of in the 1990s.

The country’s tourism sector is expected to grow by more than 20% next year, according to the government’s Tourism Development Administration.

China has a total of 1.4 billion tourists visiting the country every year.

It has become a popular destination for Chinese holidaymakers and the industry has become an increasingly important part of Chinese society.

In the early 2000s, the industry was dominated by luxury resorts.

The rise of luxury hotels and luxury holidays made it a popular way to spend money in China.

But since then, there has been a shift in the way Chinese people visit the country.

It’s no longer about staying at luxurious hotels or resort properties, but spending money on Chinese-made goods.

“The tourism industry in China is growing,” Zhu said.

“But its growth has slowed down due to economic difficulties.”

The economic downturn has led to some business problems, as well as a slowing of tourist numbers.

The average number at Chinese hotels in 2016 was just over 5,000, according the Tourism Development Authority.

But this year the number is expected at just over 3,000.

China lost 3.1 million people to the economic crisis and has been looking for ways to attract new arrivals.

In April, China announced plans to extend the tourist season from the end of September to January.

This would help it attract more tourists, as it would be easier to maintain the tourist trade.

But Zhu believes the country will be able to manage the economic downturn and bring back a lot of tourists.

“This is the time when China will finally catch up,” he said.

China will be aiming to bring back tourists by opening more hotels, new businesses and by expanding infrastructure.

But there are some areas in the country where the government will be more reluctant to invest in tourism, according a recent report by the China Tourism Bureau.

“These are some of the areas where the new tourists might be more interested in going, and they might be the ones who can be affected by the economic hardships,” Zhu added.

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