Aussie startup seeks to break into tech market by making mobile apps for healthcare companies

Australian startup Abb Business News has raised $15 million from three investors.CEO Mark Jankovic said he had no choice but to raise the funding because of the potential to become the leading provider of mobile app development and mobile services.

“We see an opportunity to create the largest mobile app ecosystem in Australia with a range of services including healthcare, education and retail,” he said.

“As we see more Australians start to look at using their mobile devices for personal and professional reasons, it will be critical that Abb’s mobile app portfolio becomes an integral part of this.”

Mr Jankosovic said his team had been working on mobile app design for several years and wanted to make them available on mobile devices, allowing patients to access the service from anywhere in the country.

“This will allow our customers to use the app on their mobile device to access our services, and access our products directly,” he added.

“Our aim is to provide a unique, personalized and accessible platform for our customers.”ABS has a great vision for Abb, and it is great to see the world’s largest provider of healthcare services to healthcare professionals and patients.

“It’s important that we continue to build a strong community around Abb and our community of advisors.”

Abb Business was founded in 2010 and is a venture capital-backed startup that specialises in providing financial and business advice to businesses and individuals.

The company was set up by Mark Jankaovic, who has been in the software industry for 20 years.

He was previously the CEO of Abbotsford-based start-up, MooPay, which he helped launch.

Mr Jankaovi is now focused on developing Abb Mobile as the company builds out its business model and technology.

“Abb is the leading mobile app provider in Australia, with a strong portfolio of more than 20 products including personal finance, healthcare and healthcare apps,” he explained.

“Over the last three years, we have built up a strong network of highly skilled employees, who are in a strong position to be the leaders in the Australian healthcare app market.”

The company has an impressive user base, and is well positioned to expand into new markets as it continues to grow its business and service offerings.

“In the next few months, Abb will also launch its own financial services platform.

The funding follows Abb launching a series of mobile apps to help the medical profession.

Mr Riske said the company was looking to grow the market for healthcare app development, which would be a huge opportunity for Abbs platform.”

If you look at our platform, it’s one of the best,” he continued.”

In our mobile app, you can access services like our Medical Partner service, which is an online portal for doctors and nurses to manage their patients and services in the hospital.

“But we are also looking to create a wide range of healthcare apps, including health insurance and prescription apps, which will give our users access to many different services.”ABS Healthcare is one of two Australian-based healthcare companies to raise funding from three major venture capital firms, with the other, Minder, funding a health software start-ups.

Both the healthcare and business services businesses are based in Melbourne and have been around for nearly 10 years.

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