India’s Bids on 3 New Hospitals with Highest Patient-Bid Costs: Survey

INDIA’S BID FOR THREE NEW HOSPITALS WITH HIGH COSTS: SURVEY INDIA, February 15 (Reuters) – Hospitals in the world’s most populous nation, which has more than two million uninsured people, have a combined $3.4 trillion (2.8 trillion pounds) worth of bids in the past two years, with the country accounting for nearly a quarter of the total.

The hospitals that received the most bids in that period, and those that won the biggest, have the highest patient-bid costs in the global medical market, according to data from the World Health Organization.

The largest bids are for four hospitals in Mumbai: the Kolkata-based Indian Institute of Medical Sciences, and the Indian Institute for Medical Sciences (IIMS) and the Tata Memorial Hospital in New Delhi, the IIMS said in a statement on Wednesday.

Hospitals that have been given higher bids in a year have the lowest patient-bids costs in India, according the IIPS.

India’s hospitals were awarded a total of $1.5 trillion, a 3.8 percent rise over the previous year, according TOI data.

Hospitals in India account for more than a quarter (26.6 percent) of the $23 trillion in global medical spending, according a Bloomberg survey of more than 10,000 hospitals.

The IIMS and Tata Memorial are the two largest Indian medical institutions.

Indian hospitals have been among the most aggressive in expanding capacity and offering greater patient choice, while India has the world first global network of primary care hospitals.

Hospits in India have been under pressure in recent years, but they have made steady progress in closing the gap with U.S. hospitals in providing quality care, according an IIPS report.

India has also seen a surge in the number of foreign patients and more hospital beds per capita than any other country, said Amit Kumar, managing director at IIPS, in a news release.

HospiCare is the largest private health insurer in India.

The company has been awarded $7.9 billion in total contracts to provide health care services in India since April.

India is the world leader in the use of antibiotics, and India is among the top 10 countries in the globe for the use and spread of antibiotic resistance, according government data.

The number of infections from the coronavirus has declined in India by 24 percent over the past six years, according data from India’s National Drug Control Strategy.

In the past year, India has seen a decrease in infections of more that 30 percent, the health ministry said.

(Reporting by Amit Kumar; Editing by Cynthia Osterman)

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