Which is better? The Samsung Galaxy S6 or the iPhone 6s?

Business Insider article The Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the best phone for everyone, but if you’re looking for a great iPhone, the iPhone 7 Plus is the better choice.

Apple’s new iPhones have been selling exceptionally well in the US for the past several weeks, and if you haven’t had one yet, it’s worth taking a look at what’s available for you to buy now.

Here are our top picks for the best phones and phones for your iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy note 5 Samsung Galaxy mini 2 Samsung Galaxy edge 2 Samsung Note 3 Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy Alpha Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 Samsung Nexus 6 Samsung Galaxy SE Samsung Galaxy Grand Max Samsung Galaxy Pro 3 Samsung iPhone 6 Samsung iPhone SE Samsung iPhone X Samsung Galaxy X8 Samsung Galaxy R Plus Samsung Galaxy A10 Samsung Galaxy P9 Samsung Galaxy Pocket 2 Samsung Samsung S8 Samsung Samsung M10 Samsung K8 Samsung Moto X Pure Edition Samsung Galaxy Mega 7 Samsung Galaxy C7 Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S8 Plus Samsung S7 Samsung Note 4 Samsung Galaxy M7 Samsung Moto G4 Plus Samsung Moto E7 Samsung S5 Samsung Galaxy J5 Samsung Moto Z2 Force Samsung Galaxy Z5 Samsung Nexus 9 Samsung Galaxy Zen 2 Samsung G3 Samsung Galaxy Epic 4 Samsung Moto S5 Plus Samsung Motorola Moto X Ultra Samsung Galaxy K5 Samsung Droid Razr Maxx Samsung Galaxy Mini 3 Samsung Droid X7 Samsung Motorola Droid X Force Samsung Nexus 10 Samsung Galaxy E6 Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Samsung Moto 5 Samsung Moto C5 Samsung Xperia X2 Samsung Nexus 7 Samsung Motorola X2 2 Samsung X5 Samsung X3 Samsung X2 Premium Samsung Galaxy Turbo 2 Samsung Motorola Z3 Samsung Xperia C2 Samsung Galaxy Edge Samsung Galaxy V3 Samsung Nexus S3 Samsung Z10 Samsung Nexus 5 Samsung Droid Turbo 2 Plus Samsung X4 Samsung Moto 3 Samsung Moto 6 Samsung Moto W10 Samsung Moto Mini 3 (2017) Samsung Galaxy Round Samsung Galaxy Droid Turbo 3 Samsung Nexus Player Samsung Galaxy Neo 5 Samsung S4 Plus/S5 Samsung Pixel 2 Google Pixel 2 XL Google Pixel 3 Google Pixel C2 Google Pixel A8 Google Pixel XL Samsung Galaxy One Samsung Galaxy T10 Samsung S6 Samsung S9 Samsung S10 Samsung Note 5 Samsung Note 6 Samsung Note 7 Samsung Note 10 Samsung Nexus 11 Samsung Galaxy Elite (2017 Edition) Samsung Mega S5/S6 Samsung Note Edge Samsung Nexus 4 Samsung Nexus Edge (2017 Editions) Samsung Nexus E Samsung Nexus Mini Samsung Galaxy N7000 Samsung Galaxy Ultra S6/S7 Samsung X6 Samsung X7 Galaxy Note 2 Samsung Pixel 3D Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Samsung S3/S4 Samsung Galaxy 2 Galaxy Note 4/5 Samsung Note5 Samsung G5 Samsung Optimus G Samsung Galaxy 4/ Edge Samsung S2/S3 Samsung Note4 Samsung S series Samsung Galaxy x10 Samsung X series Samsung X-series Samsung S1 Samsung Galaxy e7 Samsung Edge/Edge+ Samsung Galaxy 7/8 Samsung Note 8 Samsung Galaxy 12 Samsung Galaxy G3/G5 Samsung A10/S10 Samsung A5 Samsung S11 Samsung Galaxy 8/ Note 8/ Pro Samsung Galaxy 10 Samsung E7/Edge Samsung Galaxy 5/ Edge+ Samsung E6/e7 Samsung G6 Samsung G7 Samsung M9 Samsung Pro/M9 Samsung Note8 Samsung S-series/A Series Samsung Note series Samsung Edge Samsung GS/S series Samsung S II Samsung S III Samsung S IV Samsung X Series Samsung X1 Samsung X Pro Samsung XS/XS Max Samsung M7/X2 Samsung S V Samsung XG Samsung XO Samsung G2/G3 Samsung S VII Samsung XW Samsung XY Samsung XU Samsung XA Samsung XZ Samsung A series Samsung M3 Samsung M5 Samsung M6 Samsung M8 Samsung M Series Samsung S Series Samsung M2 Samsung X Samsung XC Samsung XI Samsung XN Samsung M4 Samsung Z Samsung XP Samsung A Series Samsung Pro Series Samsung A8 Samsung XQ Samsung A9 Samsung XR Samsung XT Samsung XL Samsung S Samsung XL2 Samsung XL3 Samsung MX Samsung M Note Samsung MX5 Samsung P series Samsung XL5 Samsung MX6 Samsung P5 Samsung XL6 Samsung Samsung T series Samsung T6 Samsung U series Samsung U11 Samsung U14 Samsung U22 Samsung M series Samsung A13 Samsung A6 Samsung A7 Samsung A12 Samsung A3 Samsung A4 Samsung A11 Samsung A2 Samsung A1 Samsung A-series Galaxy A series/Samsung Galaxy A1+ Samsung A25 Samsung A20 Samsung A26 Samsung A28 Samsung A35 Samsung A55 Samsung A53 Samsung A72 Samsung A65 Samsung A73 Samsung A75 Samsung A100 Samsung A110 Samsung A220 Samsung A240 Samsung A250 Samsung A275 Samsung A300 Samsung A350 Samsung A400 Samsung A500 Samsung A600 Samsung A700 Samsung A810 Samsung A910 Samsung A950 Samsung A999 Samsung Galaxy 9 Samsung Note 2/3 Samsung One Samsung One (2017

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