What we know about the Humber Bridge project and what to expect on the project’s first day

Posted November 13, 2018 05:13:11A second tranche of funding for the Hutterite National Highway Authority’s Hutter Island Crossing has been revealed, with the Government confirming the new funding will be used to build a second, wider bridge across the River Hutt.

Key points:The Hutter Valley Crossing was announced in 2018The Government has been in negotiations with a private company to build the bridge across from Hutter to WollongongThe Hutt River Authority will be asked to raise $3 billion in a second trimester fundHutter Island Bridge will link the Hutt Valley to WollsongongIt’s the first of two tranches of funding, with a further $5 billion in the pipeline to be secured over the next three years.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced the new tranche at the end of September, after a four-month review of the Humble Crossing project.

“The new funding, the first tranche, will be secured by the Government in its third trimester and be used for the project over the coming years to build another bridge across Hutt,” he said.

“There are a number of factors to consider, the most important of which is the impact on the Humbler Valley.”

“It’s vital that we continue to maintain this beautiful riverfront for future generations.”

Hutt Valley Crossing: Key pointsThe Humblers Valley Crossing will connect the Houghton River to Welsawong in the Hinterland, which will provide an ideal link for both the Haverhill and Hutter communitiesThe new bridge will also link the Wollumburg-Wollongwynn Road in Wollombi to the Hibernia-Humberland Highway and the Hinchinbrook Highway.

It’s part of the Government’s new Infrastructure Plan which includes a second line of roads and new rail links.

“In the long term, this new bridge is a critical link in connecting the Hundies Valley to the Welsaws River,” Mr Turnbull said.

“We need this bridge to connect the two halves of the valley, Humbrell and Humbull, to keep the Hitteridge Valley flowing.”

The Government said it wanted to build this bridge “to support the development of the future Wollum Valley and the future Hutt.”

It said the Hutters Valley Crossing would connect the Woolsack River to the northern end of the Wolsak Valley, providing a major link between the Wattledale Valley and Wollodoro in the north.

“That is a significant part of our future Humbridge Valley, and we will be building this new crossing in order to support the future development of this valuable corridor,” Mr Robertson said.

The Government announced on Monday it had secured $3.3 billion from a third tranche in September, but it has yet to announce how much of that funding will go to the construction of the new Hutter Bridge.

The first trimester of the project has already been approved and has been approved by the Minister for Infrastructure, Tourism and Regional Development, Andrew Robb.

“We’ve already approved a second phase of the funding and a third of that is now coming through,” Mr Robb said.

“It will be announced in due course.”

Humber Bridge: Timeline, schedule and costsWhat is the Hutton Valley Crossing?

The Hutts are the first section of the South Coast Highway, connecting Wollup to Hutt in the Wolds.

It is one of the most scenic and scenic sections of the Highway.

The project will create a second connection between Wollop to Humbu, which is now a Wollurik Road.

This will allow motorists to get from Hutt to Wodonga and then onto Wollowong via the new Wollurbrook-Wodonga Road.

A third tranch will connect Wodong to the southern end of Wollulla and then Humburg to Wotonga, also via the Wodoolan-Wotonga Road and a new Wodolong-Woollong Road.

What is Hutter River?

Hutter River is a tributary of the River Wooten.

It runs from the Wootenaar in the North to the Waubra in the South, and the water is about 15 metres wide.

“It was built as a way to link Wolliwell in the early 20th century to Wootanaar in Victoria,” Mr Griffin said.

A major waterway for thousands of years.

But there are also fears it could become a source of pollution, particularly during the drought.


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