What you need to know about the ‘Black Friday’ shopping rush

What’s the best time to shop in South Korea?

It depends on where you are.

But the most popular places to shop on Black Friday are Seoul and Seoul-dong, according to a new report by Korean data-analytics firm iQuresk.

iQlesk found that shopping on Black Thursday is a popular time for many people.

According to iQLESK’s survey, about 56% of South Koreans surveyed said that they would visit Seoul on Black Monday, a popular day for shopping, if they had the chance.

iQueesk’s survey also found that South Koreans tend to shop less during this time, with only 38% of respondents saying they would shop during this holiday season.

Some of the popular shopping areas in Seoul on Thursday: The South Korean mall, Seoul Metropolitan Shopping Complex, which hosts major malls in Seoul and other cities and is the main shopping area in Seoul for the country’s major shopping malls.

The South Korea National Mall, a big shopping mall in the South of Seoul.

The National Assembly, which houses South Korean lawmakers.

The Cheonggyecheon in Seoul, a large shopping mall.

The main subway station in Seoul.

The Kaseido shopping mall, which is located in the capital city.

It hosts several shopping malls and department stores and also has a branch of the famous Japanese department store JCPenney in its main shopping complex.

It’s also the biggest shopping complex in South Africa.

At the other end of the shopping spectrum, people in Seoul don’t typically visit shopping malls during this shopping season, with iQueetsk’s research finding that the majority of South Korean respondents said they would only visit malls during the weekends, with about 43% saying they wouldn’t go shopping during this season.

What do you think of South Korea’s shopping trend?

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