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Business Insider headline How do you keep your job?

The new rule that you’ll see coming to a baseball stadium soon will be to put your name on a sign.

It’s part of MLB’s new rule, which means any person wearing a sign will have to wear a uniform.

The new policy comes after MLB fined more than $6 million to more than 60 players for violating the rule.

There were also a handful of fines for non-compliance and the league’s new commissioner, Rob Manfred, said the league will issue a formal apology.

There’s no rule saying you have to be a member of the league to wear your uniform, but Manfred said players would not be fined.

This year, MLB has spent $3.4 million to get fans to wear uniforms in stadiums and other locations.

There are now 15 different uniform rules across MLB.

Some have to do with safety, such as wearing helmets while in the stadium, or using the restroom, or having a designated player or team member on the field.

Others are about uniformity, such the ability to change from uniform to a uniform after a game.

This new rule applies to players and employees.

It doesn’t apply to people who are wearing hats, or any other form of clothing.

A sign that says “We Are The United States” is seen in a parking lot at SunTrust Park in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., June 1, 2019.

Getty Images/Jim Urquhart In other words, you can wear your hat, but not your uniform.

This means if you wear a hat during a game, you have a case of uniformity violations.

If you are a member and wear a helmet during a commercial break, then you can be fined up to $1,000.

There is no cap on how much the league can fine a player.

There also aren’t any fines for people who don’t wear a team logo.

The league’s fine for noncompliance in this way is only $50 per game, according to Manfred.

This could mean that a player could face a $5,000 fine.

Manfred also said the rule is “a very positive step toward improving the safety of the game.”

This rule also means fans won’t be fined if they don’t get a ticket.

“The fans are going to be happy,” Manfred told reporters.

“I think the fans are very much on board with it.”

The league has a lot more fines on the way.

This rule is also aimed at increasing safety at ballparks, as players have to move around more during games.

Manfried said MLB will announce more uniform changes to come.

The rule will also help MLB’s ability to promote its games in ways other than advertising.

This includes using technology that allows fans to follow teams on social media, and more stadium signage.

Mannering a uniform change will not be a big deal.

Manfrott said MLB had to get a uniform rule passed before it could begin working with other leagues.

“We were very clear from day one, from day two, that this is going to not be the last uniform rule,” he said.

“It’s the first rule that we have to pass.”

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