Google CEO: We’re not going to let people tell us what we can and can’t do

The head of Google, Eric Schmidt, told The Wall Street Journal that the company will continue to innovate on its own and will not let others dictate how it operates.

“Google is not going away.

It will be a company of its own making,” he said.”

We are not going anywhere.

We are a small company, and we’re a great company.

We have lots of good ideas, and that is our right.

But we’re not a government agency, we are a community of people.

And we will never be constrained by what the government thinks.”

Schmidt was responding to a question about what Google can and cannot do to improve its business, as well as its relationship with Congress and regulators.

He has faced criticism for the company’s decision to allow Google search ads to appear in news stories, as opposed to other websites and apps, and also for allowing its search results to appear more prominently in local and national news outlets.

Google recently announced it would allow users to post news stories about themselves, which can be shared across the company and other websites.

The move comes as many companies have moved to allow users the ability to share news stories online.

Schmidt said that the fact that people have the ability in Google to share their stories “doesn’t mean that Google can’t innovate.

We don’t think we can.

And as a result, we don’t expect Google to become a government monopoly.

That’s not what we are about.””

But we can’t let the government tell us how we should do things,” he added.

Schampf also told the Journal that Google was considering adding more news and entertainment sites to its search offerings, and plans to create a news app, a Google TV app, and a new online version of its YouTube video-streaming service.

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