Why Chicago is losing jobs despite record-low unemployment

Chicago’s unemployment rate fell to 5.7 percent in January from 5.9 percent in December, marking a 12th consecutive month of decline, according to the Chicago Department of Employment and Economic Opportunity.

The number of unemployed declined to 2.7 million in January, down from 2.9 million in December.

But the overall unemployment rate dropped slightly to 7.1 percent.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who was a Democrat until last year, is expected to announce his retirement at the end of January.

The Illinois Business Journal: More than 5 million workers across the state have left the state since March 2017, according an analysis by the state Labor Department.

In a statement, the governor’s office said: The number [of] job losses in Illinois for the month of January is at its lowest since March 2016.

Our job creation has been on track, and it has continued to grow.

The latest jobs data shows that more than 6.3 million Illinoisans have given up looking for work.

It’s time to let the people who have been looking for a job in Illinois know that we want you.


Pat Quinn is expected on Jan. 1 to announce a plan to replace him as the state’s governor, though it’s unclear if he’ll run again.

A spokesperson for the governor said: Our plan is to continue to build on what worked for the people of Illinois, and that is creating jobs.

That includes building on the positive momentum from the recent election, as well as continuing to support our state’s recovery from the economic downturn.

President Donald Trump is expected in Illinois next week to sign an executive order directing federal agencies to expedite the approval of a $1.2 billion project to build a solar farm in the Chicago area.

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