Business news: The rise of the internet

Business news is often a matter of life and death for individuals, and for governments.

But, like most things in life, it can also be the most important thing to know, especially if you’re trying to survive.

A new study, conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, is one of the first to look at the effect of the digital divide on individuals’ business decisions.

The study found that when the economic power of one sector is eroded by another, the ability of a person to make a profit diminishes.

“The digital divide creates uncertainty and a potential for harm, especially for those at the lower end of the income distribution,” the report reads.

“The lack of certainty about the economic and political impact of digital technology has created an environment in which people are less willing to risk economic and social harm, and the risk of political harm is even greater.”

The study, entitled “Digital Divide and the Rise of the Digital Divide,” found that individuals were less likely to take advantage of opportunities that had previously been considered safe to do business online.

“When uncertainty is high, the risk to take on risks to take an opportunity that was previously considered safe becomes greater,” the study concludes.

“This leads to a reduction in the potential for people to take risk and create wealth.”

The researchers also found that the ability to take risks to generate wealth was more likely to be affected by economic power than other factors, such as access to capital.

The researchers found that there were four types of factors that had an effect on the ability a person could take risks with their businesses: the economic impact of the disruption; the economic strength of the economy; the financial health of the company; and the potential economic impact on the company.

“Some businesses are at the edge of financial collapse and are unable to recover,” the researchers write.

“In other cases, however, the economic impacts of digital disruption are relatively small.”

The study looked at 20,000 business transactions, and found that in 2017, the average transaction size was $5.33.

This is a decrease from $7.88 in 2016.

It also means that the average price for transactions increased by $8.32.

“Digital disruption has affected businesses around the world,” the authors write.

“[T]here has been a significant increase in uncertainty over how companies will be able to respond to new opportunities and changes in the global economy.”

They added that these uncertainties are now becoming “a major factor in decision making in all sectors.”

The authors conclude that the economic effects of digital disruptions are also being felt globally, including in the US.

In the past two years, the number of Americans who said they are “losing money” due to digital disruption increased from 4 percent to 10 percent.

They added, “It’s clear that the digital revolution has transformed how we conduct business and how our economy functions.”

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