Which airline is best for business travellers?

Business travellers are increasingly choosing to fly from small cities to big airports, and as these cities grow, so too do the airport options available to them.

The New York Times recently launched an ambitious effort to rank major international airports, with airports in London, Dublin and Los Angeles listed among the top 25, according to data from the aviation industry website Flightglobal.

In comparison, London’s Heathrow and Los Angels International airports ranked in the bottom 10, according the site.

In 2016, airlines in the United States spent more than $1.5 trillion on air travel.

And while airports have been a growing part of the global economy for decades, business travellers are also increasingly choosing the smaller airports in the U.S. and Europe that offer better connectivity, smaller crowds and lower prices, as they seek to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

According to the New York Post, some of the world’s busiest airports are also getting smaller and more congested, as airlines seek to expand their reach.

New York City-based airline Aeromexico has moved to a new airport at Newark Liberty International Airport, and Delta Airlines is relocating to a larger airport in Las Vegas.

The Times reported last year that the New Jersey-based company was considering a $1 billion expansion of its Newark terminal in a bid to improve service to New Jerseyans and to attract business travellers.

The move comes after New Jersey officials announced last month that the state would spend $1 million to buy the land that the Newark airport is on and the airport is located on. 

The New York Airport Authority (NYAA) will take over the lease for the land at Newark’s new airport on Monday, according a news release.

The airport authority, which is owned by New York state, will lease the airport to the airline.

The FAA and NYAA have long had a relationship with each other, according in the release.

“We have a longstanding relationship with the FAA and have a long history of working together to ensure the safety and security of our customers,” NYAA spokesperson Kristin Gentry said in the news release, adding that the airport’s current lease is “consistent with the lease agreement that we entered into with the Newark Airport Authority and has been in place since 2012.” 

At the Newark-based airport, NYAA has already spent $1,000,000 on security upgrades, including a large video surveillance system and additional security guards.

New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has also been working with New York airport authorities to secure the airport, the Times reported. 

 According to a report in the Times, NJAs airport has also added security cameras and a metal detector.

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