Which companies are most likely to grow their share of global earnings?

The U.S. is a large economy and the world’s third-largest, but its gross domestic product is shrinking.

The reason is twofold: the slowing economy and an aging population.

That’s led to growing concern about the long-term economic outlook, which is now turning gloomy, according to a new study by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bain Capital.

The new study, titled The Global Economy: Rising Disconnects and Rising Disintegration, is based on new data from the World Bank, and the findings are sobering.

In its report released Wednesday, Pricewater and Bain said they have a number of questions about the economy and what’s causing the disconnect.

In particular, the firms said, is the aging population contributing to the problem?

And what about rising global income inequality?

Is there a connection between globalization and the shrinking U.K. economy?

“The problem is, the global economy is not going to grow for a long time,” said Peter Koo, co-founder and chief investment officer of Bain Capital, in a conference call with reporters.

The global economy has a lot of problems, he said.

It has a long history of disruption and instability and a lot is being created by China, India and other countries.

So, what about inequality? “

It’s hard to imagine that that is sustainable for a number, many decades.”

So, what about inequality?

“There’s no doubt that income inequality is a problem,” said Paul Piff, chief investment strategist at Pricewater, in the same call with media partners.

“But what does it have to do with the global economic system?

It’s not about the economic system.

It’s about the people that are being affected by it.”

Piff said the study found that inequality was growing because the U,S.

and the rest of the world are doing much more to try to boost economic growth.

“What is the answer to that?” he said, referring to globalization.

The report also said that as the population ages, people are less likely to be in jobs, which makes it harder for people to earn enough to keep up with their basic needs.

That leads to a higher demand for more people to fill those jobs, and so the economy starts shrinking.

“I think that the economy is going to continue to shrink,” said Piff.

And as that happens, that will lead to higher income inequality.

“So, the answer is, you have to have an economic policy, or you’re going to see more inequality,” he said in the call with the media.

It is hard to predict what the impact will be on the U., he added.

He said it’s a very important part of the puzzle.

“We have to start looking at what the best policy is,” Piff told reporters.

“That will require the policies that have been put in place, and that includes things like higher taxes, and some regulatory changes.”

He said the world needs to understand the root cause of the problem, including what kind of policies are needed to boost growth.

Pricewater said its research suggests that a combination of policies to stimulate the economy, and a concerted effort to get people to move to work, will keep the economy growing.

The firms said they don’t expect any major economic disruptions in the near future.

The research was conducted in conjunction with the World Economic Forum.

The findings of the report were released at the same time that the U!


voted to leave the European Union.

This comes as the country is already facing a record unemployment rate of 6.3% and a rising tax burden.

“If we can get people back to work by creating jobs, we’ll have a sustainable economic future,” Prime Minister Theresa May said in a statement Wednesday.

The World Economic Forums will be held from March 6 to 8 in Davos, Switzerland.

This article has been updated to reflect the new information from the U and the U-K.

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