Cleveland’s startup accelerator will open in October 2018

The Cleveland Business News (CBN) has learned that startup accelerator company, Cleveland Innovation Center, will be opening its doors in October of 2018, in a building at 8500 Euclid Ave NE.

The Cleveland Innovation Centers, an incubator for startup businesses, is located in a space previously occupied by The Innovation Group.

The two-story building has been vacant since January of 2019.

The CBN spoke to the owners of the company and their staff to learn more about the upcoming space and its future.

The space, located at 8300 Euclid Avenue NE, will include a workspace, a meeting room, meeting rooms for mentors, and a full bar.

Cleveland Innovation centers has been operating since 2015, and its founder, Adam Jones, is a former managing partner at The InnovationGroup.

The new Cleveland Innovation center will be located in the same building as The InnovationGroups new offices and will include the same number of staff and staff offices.

CBN has previously reported on The InnovationCenter, the company that operates The Innovation Center and other Cleveland startups.

The center is one of several startups in Cleveland that have recently been picked up by accelerator companies, and many of them have been acquired by other companies.

The company has received grants from a number of foundations including the New York University School of Medicine, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the John Templeton Foundation.

CBNs staff will be working in the new Cleveland office and working with partners to grow the Cleveland Innovation space.

“We’re thrilled to have our Cleveland Innovation office at such a pivotal moment in Cleveland,” said Cleveland Innovation CEO, Paul LeBlanc.

“The opportunity to work with the world-class talent from Cleveland will allow us to continue to bring new innovations and services to our customers and help them to succeed.”

The new space will include offices for partners like The Innovation Centers founders, and will feature a team of 30 mentors.

“This incubator is a great fit for the Cleveland community,” said The Innovation centers co-founder, Dan Atherton.

“I look forward to helping Cleveland innovate and grow their startup community.”

The Cleveland startup accelerator is known for its mentorship program and for the growth of local startups.

“It’s a great space to be in because they will have a team to learn from, a team that is very experienced, and we will also have mentors,” said LeBlac.

“You can’t do this alone.” 

The Cleveland Entrepreneur Center (CECC) has a similar mission, and also has a new building.

“CECC is an incubators hub that brings together entrepreneurs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from across the country to help them find the right business to launch and grow,” said CEC founder and CEO Mark DeCourcey.

“Our goal is to create and grow an ecosystem that will enable entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and help their communities.”

The CECC’s founders and partners, who have been active in the Cleveland startup community, have been working on the building for several months.

CECs mission is to provide mentorship, mentorship programs, and opportunities for local entrepreneurs to launch new businesses. 

The first CECC will launch in November of 2018 and will host 30 startups in the first two months of 2019, with the second CECC coming in January of 2020. 

The Cleveland Entrepreneurship Center is open to anyone who is interested in launching a business in Cleveland.

“CECs goal is creating a thriving local entrepreneurial community by supporting startups to start and grow in Cleveland and by providing the resources and the mentorship and the resources to help these entrepreneurs succeed,” said DeCuey. 

CEC’s founding team has been working to find a way to work on the new building together.

“In order to be successful, it’s necessary to have a co-working space, but there’s also a need for an incubation space, so that’s where we’re at right now,” said CBN reporter Ben Schulz. 

For more information on The Cleveland Venture Center, please visit:

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