How the big banks and tech giants are using social media to shape the 2016 election

Business Insider article By Sami KoteasFor more than a year, I’ve been a tech journalist.

I cover tech and media, tech startups, technology-related news and other stuff.

But my primary interest has been in politics, and my primary concern has always been, Who’s going to win the election?

I’ve written a number of articles that focus on the tech companies and tech media companies that are using technology to shape politics.

The 2016 election is shaping up to be a watershed event for America’s political system.

In the past, we’ve seen technology companies, political candidates and even political parties take advantage of technology to win elections.

But this election is going to be different.

It’s going not just about technology, but about technology and technology’s role in politics.

For example, in a recent story, Politico described how the Democratic National Committee (DNC) used its social media platform to organize for Hillary Clinton’s run for president in 2016.

The DNC was using the social media tool, @HillaryClinton, to organize supporters to go to her events.

The DNC was also using @HillaryForPride to organize the group of people who were going to take photos with Clinton.

The idea behind these events was to give the Clinton campaign a boost by giving the Clinton supporters the chance to be on her team.

The purpose was to make sure that the Clinton team would get out to rallies and that she would get the most supporters.

And in the end, the campaign won the election.

But there are other examples of tech companies using technology and politics to shape election outcomes.

The New York Times recently reported that Google, Facebook and Twitter were using social networking to influence elections, in an effort to influence voters.

The tech companies are also using technology in a bid to influence policy.

For example, the tech company Twitter recently released a report that revealed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DC) was using its social network to contact its voters.

Twitter reported in a statement that its “political analysis team, in partnership with DC-based technology company Open Data Technologies, was working with the DCCC to create data and analysis tools that could help DC voters understand the political messaging and messaging trends across the entire campaign.”

And in a story that ran in Politico in September, the Washington Post revealed that Google was using political data to influence politics and election outcomes in an attempt to influence the 2016 presidential election.

The story revealed that in March 2016, the Republican National Committee had used Google’s search engine to “manipulate voters” in the 2016 elections.

The tech companies were also using social networks to influence media coverage of political campaigns.

For instance, in September 2017, a Google search showed a Google News search that showed a post titled, “Google is using social to target conservative political leaders.”

The article included a link to a story from Politico that included a headline that said, “Republican National Committee and Facebook target conservative leaders.”

In that article, the headline read, “GOP leaders’ groups say Facebook is using its own algorithm to find stories they support.”

But these examples show that the tech industry and tech companies can influence the outcomes of elections, whether it’s to influence their own advertisers to push a message to their users, or to push other companies to pay them more for advertising.

In a recent article for Tech Insider, The Verge writer Joshua Bloom wrote about how Google is using political information to shape its algorithms to favor conservative candidates.

The Verge wrote, “The algorithms are designed to give Google the best possible experience in finding relevant and relevant news, and it’s using this information to target those users who most closely resemble its own audience.”

It’s no surprise that these algorithms will focus on candidates who are close to the tech and tech-related industries.

The technology companies are using politics to influence political outcomes.

But there are also other examples that highlight the impact of tech on the 2016 campaign.

For one, it shows how social media can be used to shape campaigns.

For instance, Facebook recently released its 2017 “The Political Machine,” a report on the technology and political industries that use social media and algorithms to influence public policy.

The report focused on how the tech industries and technology companies use political information in order to influence American politics.

It described how Facebook is “using its own algorithms to target political leaders, shaping how politicians and voters view and interact with the social networks.

Facebook has even built a political network that it uses to create political advertisements based on political viewpoints.”

It also revealed that Facebook’s political ads and news feeds were also designed to “target Republican leaders who are more likely to be targeted by political ads.”

In other words, Facebook’s ads and social networks were designed to make the tech-focused Republican candidates more likely than Democrats to be contacted by Facebook ads and political ads.

The Verge also noted that Facebook and Google “have even built political ads that they use to influence Democratic candidates.”

It has been widely

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