Wine business news and events for July 28, 2018

By David J. Dornburg, senior writerThe Lad Bible, a Bible-based magazine for business and financial news, is launching a new digital business.

Lad Bible is a digital publishing company that will offer news, insight and commentary on topics including consumer finance, consumer lifestyle, investing, health, and more.LAD Bible founder and CEO Chris Klimov says that his company’s aim is to offer an easy-to-use tool for consumers to learn about all the latest information about their business.

“I have a strong track record in offering a news and investment newsletter that is updated weekly, as well as a podcast and blog,” Klimovic said in a statement.

“Lad will provide a similar platform that is simple to use and can be accessed by anyone.”

Lad has also developed a podcast, so consumers can hear interviews with leading investors and CEOs of the industry’s biggest names.

“Klimov believes that the Lad Bible will have a similar appeal to the popular Business Insider magazine, which has a subscriber base of more than 300 million.”

The business newsletter is the gateway to more news and insight than the business section of the Business Insider, and the Lad website provides an excellent platform for readers to learn more about their companies and industry,” he said.

Ladinov said that the company will offer the Lad bible as a subscription service for consumers.”

Krimmens investment portfolio company, Davenport Investments, is the parent company of Lad Bible.”

We are working closely with publishers and content owners to ensure the Lad platform is as accessible as possible for consumers and businesses alike.”

Krimmens investment portfolio company, Davenport Investments, is the parent company of Lad Bible.

In addition to Lad Bible’s digital offering, Krimmins invested in The Lad, which is the company’s business-to and media division.

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