Keralites are not buying their way to paradise

KERALA: It is the biggest selling country in the world for luxury goods and services and it is not going to change anytime soon.

The growth rate in Kerala is the fastest in the country and is predicted to be even faster in the coming years, as the state is becoming the third largest economy in the region.

The government has been busy building infrastructure for tourism and is also keen on attracting more foreign direct investment.

“The growth in Kerala will take place in the next couple of years, and there will be some kind of transformation of the economy,” said Anurag Natarajan, president of the Kerala Tourism Development Corporation.

Kerala has a population of around 1.6 million.

Tourism is expected to be the biggest revenue generator for the state in the medium to long term.

The state’s economy is predicted at $1.8 billion this year, while the revenue is projected at $2.5 billion, according to the government.

The government has invested $50 million in the state’s ports and roads in the last year.

A major part of Kerala’s tourism comes from tourism companies like Wayfair and Keralite.

Keralites also have a thriving private sector, and the government is hoping to attract more investment by offering subsidies and other incentives for their businesses.

Wayfair is currently operating in a small business hub in Kerala.

The Kerali Centre for Tourism Development (KCTD) is an association of the five major tourist centres in the city.

It runs an organisation which organises tours for Keralis and other travellers.

The centre is a partnership between Wayfair, KCTD and the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI).

The KCTI has been active in organising the tours and the Keralitic tourism sector is an important part of the tourism economy in Kerala, said Natarajaan.

WayFair and KCTP are the two largest tourism companies in the entire state of Kerala.

Wayfair operates in about 1,100 villages and the company has operations in more than 500 locations across the state.

KCTp has operations across 50 villages.

Wayforth Tourism Development Ltd (WTDC), is another tourist centre in the Kerala capital.

The company operates from a single premises and is managed by Wayfair.

The company operates a range of hotels, catering and leisure facilities.

Wayward, in the neighbouring city of Kannur, is another major tourist centre, which is managed through the KCCI.

The KCCi also runs a number of other tourist destinations.

In the city of Ernakulam, the mainstay of the Kannada-speaking community, Keralitans also get a significant amount of opportunities through the Tourism Development Development Corporation (TDDC), which is responsible for organising tourism in the town.

In 2017, the number of tourists visiting Ernakula from other parts of the country rose by a whopping 16.5% to 1.7 million.

In a country where there is a population density of around one person per 100 kilometres, Kerala has the highest density of visitors in the Indian subcontinent.

The tourist industry is estimated to be worth around $4 billion annually.

The Tourism Development Council (TDCC) is a non-profit organisation of the state government.

It manages the tourism industry and promotes it in the wider community.KTCC also has a number, including the tourism department, which deals with the development of the tourist sector.

“We do everything to keep the tourists coming to the state and we work closely with the government to ensure that all the tourism activities are done safely and professionally,” said Naira Ranganathan, executive director of the TDCC.

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