‘I can’t even breathe’: A new way to make money with Uber and Lyft by building a car that can drive itself

Uber, Lyft, and other ride-hailing services have been getting a lot of press lately for their success in transforming local economies.

But while the rise of Uber and other such ride-sharing services is undeniably good news, one of the big problems for local businesses is that these services often operate in a legal grey area.

This article explains how one of Uber’s ride-booking drivers, Josh Naylor, is creating a car in his backyard that can self-drive itself.

Josh Naylor (left) with a new UberX vehicle.

The car uses two electric motors to drive itself.

The cars will be able to pick up and drop off passengers in New Jersey, and it will even work on public roads.

The company is hoping to make a lot more money if the car can be sold.

Uber says it’s about $2,500 a month for a self-driving car, but if the price falls, the company can probably afford to keep the cost down.

This model also lets the company avoid the cost of hiring a driver, which would cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The self-flying car will be used to ferry passengers between locations.

In addition to the new Uber and ride-tailing companies, there’s a new startup called Hyperloop, which hopes to build a transportation network that could be used by companies like Uber and Google.

Hyperloop is not a ride-share service, but rather a ride share company.

A ride-rental company that can offer a private, private-jet-style ride to customers in a capsule.

A Hyperloop pod will not be a normal car, and unlike the normal car it won’t have windows.

Instead, it will be a capsule that contains a self driving car, a rocket engine, and a bunch of helium balloons.

The capsule will be loaded with passengers, and once in the air, the rocket will begin to push it around the earth.

This is a bit like how SpaceX uses its rockets to propel a spacecraft.

When you ride a Hyperloop ride, the capsule’s rocket will push the capsule around the planet.

This can be used for various applications, such as transporting people to remote places in space.

It’s also possible to put people into capsules and launch them into space.

This also sounds like a great way to sell your car to your friends for a few bucks.

Hyperloop is in its early stages of testing, and its currently in talks with local governments to build its first test track.

This test track is about two and a half miles long.

It’s not clear if the Hyperloop pods will be available in New York City anytime soon.

If it is, Hyperloop will likely be able help build out a citywide network of self-riding pods that would provide affordable rides.

It would also likely help build up an ecosystem of other ride sharing services.

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