Toyota introduces new Leaf electric car, launches smartphone app in Japan

Toyota has introduced the world’s first all-electric vehicle, a hatchback designed for the countrys roadways.

The car, called the Land Cruiser, is powered by a lithium ion battery pack that weighs less than 100kg and is claimed to be about 60 per cent lighter than a gasoline engine.

The new Leaf, a hybrid that uses an electric motor, can travel up to 60 kilometres (37 miles) on a single charge, and can reach speeds of up to 155 kilometres per hour (110 mph).

Toyota, the worlds biggest automaker, said the car will hit the road in 2019, and that it will have the world s fastest electric-only range of 4.7 kilometres per charge.

It is the latest step in Toyota’s push to make its cars more fuel efficient and more fuel-efficient.

Toyota has said it will replace about 5 per cent of its cars worldwide with electric-powered vehicles by 2020, with the goal of hitting 100 per cent by 2025.

The Japanese automaker plans to build a total of 2.5 million electric vehicles by 2025, and more than a million of them by 2040.

“Toyota is taking a new approach to electrification and energy storage,” Toyota CEO Masahiro Matsumoto said at a press conference on Thursday.

“We are not making vehicles for the world, but for the people of the world.”

The company’s chief technology officer, Shigeki Nakazawa, said that Toyota aims to achieve “complete electrification” by 2025 as part of its ambitious plan to reach 80 per cent electrification of the country by 2030.

The company has a long list of electrification initiatives under way in Japan, including an ambitious plan in 2019 to generate 20 per cent electricity from renewables by 2030, a goal that is currently at less than half of that goal.

Toyota has said that the Land Cruisers will be sold in three different variants, one of which is called the “Para”, or “premium” model.

The first of the three variants will be called the Leaf S, which will come with a range of around 150 kilometres (93 miles), and has a price tag of ¥19,100 ($200).

The second Leaf S will come in two versions, one with a battery pack of 200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) and the other with a capacity of 150 kWh.

The third Leaf S variant will come only in the form of the “Prime” model, which has a battery capacity of 1,000 kWh.

In Japan, the price of the Leaf will range from ¥2,000 ($100) for the “premier” version, up to ¥7,800 ($125) for “Prime”.

The Leaf S has a range comparable to the Nissan Leaf, with a price of about ¥1,200 ($75).

The company said the LandCruisers will offer “an efficient and comfortable driving experience”, but it will also offer a range that rivals the Nissan’s.

The company is also aiming to reduce emissions of CO2 by about 17 per cent from 2025 compared with 2020, when Toyota is targeting a goal of 80 per and 80 per per cent electric vehicles in Japan.

In October, Toyota unveiled the “Super Hybrid” concept vehicle, which is based on a Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid, but is claimed by the company to be less than 20 per year from being commercially available.

It is the first of a new generation of plug-ins, with hybrids and plug-less electric vehicles being available by 2020.

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