Alabama business owners say they were targeted by ‘unprecedented’ Trump Administration threats

Birmingham, Alabama—Today Alabama business leaders say they have received numerous threatening phone calls, emails and Facebook posts over the past month.

“The threats are getting worse,” said the owner of a popular downtown Birmingham restaurant.

“It has gotten to the point where we feel threatened.”

The owner added that he had received numerous phone calls and Facebook messages in recent weeks.

In addition to the threats, Birmingham City Councilmember Darlene Soto was reportedly threatened with death.

The restaurant owner said he was told by an FBI agent that his business could be threatened and that he would be arrested if he continued to serve his customers.

He said he has no idea how many other businesses have been threatened, but added that if he doesn’t shut down immediately, he may be the next one.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell was also targeted by the Trump Administration.

He told ABC News, “They have not only been sending threats, they have been threatening me.”

Bell also noted that he has received threats from other members of his community, such as the owner and several members of the business community.

He also said that many of the threats were anonymous and had not been verified by police.

The President’s threat to shut down the Alabama state government in a “no-confidence” vote, as well as threats from various business owners and businesses in Birmingham have put many businesses and businesses that are dependent on the state in jeopardy.

President Donald Trump also said in a Facebook post on December 4, that if the Birmingham City Commission and other local government bodies are not willing to implement his agenda he will use the power of the presidency to get them to “shut down” if he is unable to fulfill his campaign promises.

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