Boeing 737-800s are coming to the UK via Airbus – but only after an expensive trial

Business Insider The Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 will be bringing their long-range jets to the British skies this week as part of a massive pilot programme that has been beset by delays. 

The UK-based Boeing 737 MAX has landed in the UK this week, after more than three years of planning, but only following a long-delayed trial of its new twin-engine version of the Boeing 737. 

According to a new report from The Business Insider, the Boeing and Airbus planes will be the first planes to enter the UK market in more than five years.

The 737 MAX was supposed to enter service this year, but has now been delayed until 2022. 

This was expected, since the first 737 MAX, the A321, entered service in 2014. 

But the delays have been a massive hit on the economy, with a record 6,500 orders for the planes so far this year. 

Despite delays, Boeing has reportedly been able to sell around 200 planes a day to the airline industry, which means it has been able take advantage of the cheap fuel and the fact that airlines are charging less than their competitors. 

On Wednesday, Airbus will take delivery of its A320neo. 

That aircraft is also scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks, but this week’s flights are the first to use the new A320’s larger, more powerful engines, which will make them more efficient and less prone to overheating. 

With this new aircraft, Airbus has reportedly delivered over 1,000 more 737 MAXs, compared to the previous record, set in 2013.

Boeard also expects to bring the first A320 to the US and Canada, and a new variant of the A320, the 737 MAX-300, to the European market this year too.

It remains to be seen how long the pilots of these planes will endure the journey to the skies, but the US is set to get the 737s first flight in the US this year in 2019. 

Brent Evans, CEO of British Airways, said: The pilots of our aircraft will receive the aircraft and we are confident that they will be very happy with the aircraft. 

“This is an exciting day for British Airways and we look forward to their arrival in the United States, Canada and the European markets later this year.” 

The British Airways plane is the first Boeing plane to enter US skies since the Boeing 787. 

Its first flight will take place in February 2019, but that’s only because the planes will only be available to UK pilots until 2024.

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