How to protect your business in the post-Super Bowl era

The NFL has taken some action in the wake of the NFL Super Bowl LI debacle, issuing new rules that would ban “super” and “over the top” content.

Here are some of the key changes in place, via The MMQB: 1.

A “Super Bowl” ban for “super-sized” ads.

The NFL’s ad guidelines have been a contentious issue in recent years, with some companies arguing that their ads are no longer “super,” but that they should still be considered “super.”

But a new memo from the league says that in the face of this new wave of media saturation, the league has taken a “super ban” stance on those ads that exceed 30 inches in height.

“This is the first time that the league is actively prohibiting ads that fall within the definition of super-sized, which is considered an area that should not be displayed on screens larger than the width of the display,” NFL vice president of communications Michael Signora told USA Today.

“The NFLPA strongly disagrees with this position and believes that our players should not play on the big screen during a Super Bowl.

The new guidelines are the result of extensive conversations with our players and NFL employees to ensure that all Super Bowl advertising is appropriately regulated.”

The NFL and the NFLPA have been discussing a ban on ads that are “larger than 60 inches in size” for several months.


A ban on “over-the-top” ads on NFL Network and NFL Network+ streams.

“Over-the top” ads are typically smaller, but they can still display in the top left corner of a TV screen or at the top of a computer monitor, if they are in a video mode.

The latest memo from NFL VP of communications Signora says that, to date, the NFL has “never enforced an over-the in” restriction for over-sized video ads, and that “over in” ads would still be subject to the same restrictions as other content.

The memo also clarifies that NFL Network is not exempt from these rules.

The network, which has an average viewership of about 23 million viewers per game, is a key player in the NFL’s advertising ecosystem, and will likely continue to play a significant role in how the game is watched.


The return of “Super Week” ads that aired during the game.

“Super week” commercials are not new to the NFL.

They have been banned for years, but the league said they would not be re-introduced.

The “Super Monday” ads were a special week during the Super Bowl, during which commercials that aired before the game aired on Thursday nights were removed.

The league said the decision to ban them was based on “the fact that many Super Bowl ads are viewed during the ‘Super Monday’ period and those ads are frequently shown during the second half of Super Bowl Week.”


A new “Super Sunday” ad campaign.

The Super Sunday ad campaign was one of the first major TV ads in the modern NFL to feature the league’s top stars.

“It is our hope that Super Sunday ads will be as popular and as successful as the Super Tuesday ads, which were successful in the first three years of the Super League,” the memo from Signora said.

The ad campaign will feature more than 1,000 Super Bowl-themed Super Bowl posters, which will be displayed during Super Bowl Sunday.

The first Super Sunday commercial aired in the spring of 2010 and is one of two Super Sunday commercials in the league.


A rule change on “commercials” in which a sponsor is featured prominently.

Sponsors have long been allowed to use their brand names in advertisements.

“While we have not seen a change in the rules that we have in place with respect to brand sponsors, we will continue to review the situation as it relates to all of our sponsors and take appropriate action,” the league memo said.

“We appreciate the industry’s input and hope this memo will provide us with the direction we need to take to protect our brands in the coming weeks and months.”

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