How to protect your investment from scams in India

The first time you come across a scammer in India, you should be prepared to have your investments frozen.

Here are a few tips to keep your investments safe.

article The scamster is someone who impersonates someone else, and then asks you to make a payment with a fake or altered credit card.

This fraud is known as “card hacking”.

The scammer will then demand payment by threatening you with a debt and a lawsuit if you don’t pay the money.

Card hacks can also be used to buy drugs, and even to defraud the bank.

If you’ve already been victims of a scam, it’s best to pay up before the scammer threatens to sue you.

If you don, the scam can easily escalate to a larger debt, lawsuit or even a lawsuit for physical harm.

Read more about card hacks.

In India, the law is still in flux.

Most states have varying definitions for the crime, and you may be able to get a bit of help with your case if you’re dealing with an authority in your home state.

The Indian Penal Code, or IPC, covers most crimes and crimes against humanity.

You can be convicted of a crime if you commit it while committing another crime.

You also have the power to sue your abuser.

The law covers many different kinds of crimes, including fraud, forgery, kidnapping, rape, and extortion.

The laws also apply to other crimes, such as rape and robbery, and there are special rules for cases involving kidnapping.

Most states have laws that deal with criminal proceedings, and criminal charges may be brought against you if you are found guilty of a criminal offence.

In some states, you may have to pay fines or penalties for a crime that you didn’t commit.

In addition, in some states you can be charged with an offence if you have any contact with the accused person, even if you’ve never met him.

These contact offences include: impersonating someone else in order to obtain a benefit, or offering someone a benefit for which they’re not entitled.

If someone steals from you or your business, the person will usually not be charged criminally, although the law can apply to them if they have other criminal convictions.

If a person steals from a business or person, the police will try to catch them, and they may be charged in some cases.

The police can also arrest you for trespassing.

If the crime involves theft of goods, the act may also be considered an offence under the Criminal Procedure Code.

If this happens, the prosecution can file charges and get you sentenced.

For example, if you break into a building to steal something and then try to hide it under a desk drawer, you could be charged.

You may also face fines and a fine of up to Rs 5,000 (about $100).

If you are accused of fraud, you will be charged under the Fraud Act.

If your fraud is proven, the case will be transferred to the Fraud Investigation Department (FID), which will decide whether to prosecute.

If the FID decides against charging you, the charge may be dropped.

If there’s a trial, it will be reported to the district court.

The district court will then decide whether you will go to jail or go to prison.

In some cases, the fraud charge can be withdrawn.

This is done when the fraud was committed, and the person is in a position to prove that they didn’t do it.

For instance, a person can prove that a false invoice was made to the business, or that the business didn’t receive the money it promised.

A person may also plead guilty to the charge and be charged a lesser offence, such to “deliberate damage” (theft of property), which is a lesser charge.

The FID will then report the case to the court, which will either dismiss the charge or sentence the person to a community service or a fine.

The law can also apply in other circumstances.

In cases of fraud committed with the intent to commit an offence, the maximum penalty for a conviction is life imprisonment, or 10 years if the fraud involves the taking of property.

If convicted, you are considered guilty until proven innocent.

In the case of theft, there is a separate offence called “agricultural theft” and it is more serious.

In this offence, you can receive a maximum of 15 years’ imprisonment or a maximum fine of Rs 1 lakh.

If an accused person is convicted, he or she will be sentenced to up to 10 years’ jail.

You cannot be released from jail without paying a fine or a jail term.

If someone is convicted of this offence and is sentenced to jail, they may have a separate trial for the same offence that will be carried out at a higher court.

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